Toes curl during sex

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I know a bit about orgasms, in that I know that I like them and that I prefer having them during sex to not. What happens to your body during an orgasm According to Dr. William H. Masters and Virginia E.

Do your curl your toes really hard when you cum? Girls Only.

If you make a girls toes curl during sex what does it mean? | Yahoo Answers

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If you make a girls toes curl during sex what does it mean?

Is it just a saying, or are your feet really in on the action? You know when you're at the height of climax and your whole body kind seizes up? Every single nerve in your body seems to be electrified and engaged in the experience. Even if you haven't had an orgasm like this, you've probably heard of them through friends, novels, movies, or at least Sex and the City.
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