This is my fetish

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Outside of its conversational usage in fetish and fap -related discussions, the cartoon drawing has also spawned a series of My Little Pony character illustrations on DeviantART. The expression originates from a webcomic by John Campbell that was featured on his blog Pictures for Sad Children [1] sometime in In the comic, the character goes on offensive against mainstream pornography for its lack of authenticity and confesses that what he really desires is porn that can simulate having a significant relationship. In the following years, Campbell's comic was referenced in numerous discussions about fetishes, but the last panel of the character saying "that is my fetish" didn't spin off into a standalone reaction image until early , when it began circulating Tumblr , including a reblog feature on Fuck Yeah Reactions [4] on June 12th, In similar vein of I can't fap to this , the cartoon drawing also led to a number of inverse derivatives bearing the caption "this isn't my fetish!

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Is My Fetish Normal? 7 Things You Need To Know

It can be difficult to bring up your sexual fetish with a new partner, and that's partially because of a massive misunderstanding about fetishes in general. A lot of us don't understand our fetishes — and that lack of understanding can lead to shame. But there's no need to feel that way. Firstly, you don't choose your fetish. And secondly, they're really common.

Is My Fetish Normal? 7 Things You Need To Know

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