The crow dark souls 3

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Each Dark Souls game features peculiar unseen crows who will exchange items with the player through a nest. In Dark Souls 3, this invisible trader is found upon the rooftop of Firelink Shrine. In Dark Souls 3, another invisible trade crow or crows? The unseen crows in previous Dark Souls games typically asked for items that had a specific property. Snuggly wanted items that were warm and soft, while Dyna and Tillo wanted items that were silky or smooth.

Dark Souls 3: Snuggly the Crow trading guide

Dark Souls 3: Snuggly the Crow trading guide - VG

Visit this nest and you can trade in some of your gear. That no pump-a-rum! Confirm the quantity just one and as soon as the menu closes, the trade will be complete — provided Snuggly accepts the item. You must pick the item up immediately; if you leave the area it will vanish forever. You can only perform each trade once per playthrough. If your item is rejected, you can just pick it back up again.

She is similar to Sparkly the Crow in Demon's Souls , in the way that particular items can be exchanged with her to receive other useful items. Many players get confused about which nest it is. The nest where Snuggly is located is not the same in which the player is dropped.
Join VIP to remove all ads and videos. Do not leave the area or exit the game or the item she dropped will be lost. If she doesn't want the item you offered, she will say no, and will return your item. Eleonora, Mendicant's Staff and Avelyn still needs verification.