Sexy older women over 30

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Well dressed, sometimes and not always aware of fashion trends or it can be a metro-sexual as well. Past her prime! I completely disagree. After thirty the best is yet to come! Women become [like men] better with age, tasty, as a good wine!

Sexy women over 30

Why Women Over 30 Are Sexy

So, yesterday, I e-mailed a bunch of my male friends to ask them what they thought of my fears. Was I right to think that men would never be interested in having me — a something woman who might not be particularly attractive — approach them randomly when there's a world full of hot somethings pretty enough to be reality TV-show stars floating around New York at all times whom those dudes could be talking to instead? As it turns out, I was wrong! My stupendous friends straightened me out, and told me why they think somethings are sexy — and often, for them, even more appealing than younger women. Now, for all you somethings who are reading, I hope you know this is not meant to alienate you; the assumption here is that you've got the natural beauty of youth on your side. And I actually think my guy friends have a few insights that apply generally to what's sexy, that would be interesting for women of all ages.

Why Women Over 30 Are Sexy

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