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Naked therapy, on the other hand, allows for people to open up, or at least that's what Sarah White, New York 's naked therapist feels. During her sessions, the year-old therapist slowly peels away layers of clothing in her New York office, according to the Mail Online. This innovative approach to therapy has attracted a lot of interest, though most of her clients are men. However, she doesn't just cut right to the stripping. From there clients move to a two-way video chat, and in some cases live consultations, which dramatically increase in price.

Sarah White, New York's Naked Therapist (VIDEO)

Sarah White (PICTURES): Naked therapist explains unusual treatments - CBS News

New York has long had the Naked Cowboy who actually wears tighty-whities, but who are we to quibble about undies? Now New Yorkers can have their therapy sans-clothes, too. Rupert Murdoch's iPad newspaper, The Daily, recently sent a reporter for a session. The safe-for-work video of their encounter is below:. The Web has been all atwitter over Sarah White, but she claims that she's serious, and that her business is not a front for prostitution. White says there have not been sexual relations between her and her clients and that she has a boyfriend who is supportive of her business. She considers nudity a serious psychoanalytic tool.

I Went to Naked Therapy™

That, in a nutshell, is "naked therapy," which year-old Sarah White is promoting. She offers therapy sessions where patients are encouraged to reveal their feelings while she reveals her body. It's not likely a technique that the American Psychological Association endorses. In any case, White is not a "licensed" therapist, subject to standards and laws of a practicing psychologist.
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