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Here is the official version, below. Go here for stories about the death of billionaire Sai Baba. But Sai Baba is here tonight at this temple in east Vancouver. Sai Baba is sitting in the ochre robe on the wooden throne at the front altar, smelling the eye-stinging incense, listening to the spine-tingling chants and watching the earnest, multiracial followers bow to him. So be-lieves B. To devotees, Sai Baba is an avatar, God on Earth, born of a virgin mother.

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Sai Baba: Holy man? Sex abuser? Both? | Vancouver Sun

Sai Baba, a controversial Indian "holy man" presides over a spiritual kingdom that includes one of the world's largest ashrams. He claims to have millions of followers. But the guru, who is approaching 80, has a history of sexual abuse allegations that in recent years has made media headlines around the world. Former followers of the aging swami reportedly call him "a sexual harasser, a fraud and even a pedophile. One man says Sai Baba ordered him to drop his pants and allow the guru to massage his penis. He later said, "Sai Baba was my God -- who dares to refuse God?

Sai Baba: Holy man? Sex abuser? Both?

Sathya Sai Baba Sex Abuse - full coverage. June 26, At least 30 young men openly testified in public to one or another form of sexual abuse by Sathya Sai Baba, from handling of genitals to masturbation and oral sex. Numerous others who feared for their own safety contacted trusted dissidents in private with their accounts. Post a comment.
She is a long time devotee of Sathya Sai Baba and has authored many books. Sai Baba, the Ultimate Experience was her first book and tells much of her life story and her discovery of Sai Baba. Her next two books explain the methods she uses in her work, Cutting the Ties That Bind. Phyllis Krystal recently attended a retreat held for the Young Adults in America.