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Sign In Don't have an account? Start a Wiki. Contents [ show ]. Ritsu destroys Mio 's club application. Ritsu and Mio unknowingly managed to move Mugi to join the club. Ritsu and Mio are surprised by Yui Hirasawa 's sudden joining.

Ritsu Tainaka's Relationships

Ritsu Tainaka's Relationships | K-ON! Wiki | Fandom

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Ritsu Tainaka's Gallery

Ritsu also clings onto Mio like a lifeline when it comes to studies, and claims that Mio is the best tutor she has ever met. There have been times when Mio clings onto Ritsu instead; when Mio was being bullied by Sawako or other people, Mio would come running to Ritsu hoping she would save her from distress although sometimes Ritsu joins in the bullying too. They both also have a similar interest in photography, as Ritsu always brings a digital camera with her, and Mio brings a film camera around. Ritsu was also the one who introduced music to Mio, and encouraged her to learn bass.
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