Postpartum oral sex

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But, as the days pass and you start to block out the painful memories of delivering your bundle of joy, you're probably going to start getting interested again. Let's not be under any illusions though, you've just pushed a baby through a very small hole so your first time getting down and dirty again is likely to be uncomfortable. So, how long should you wait before getting frisky between the sheets with your baby daddy again? It may seem a simple question - and LOW on the list of a new mum's priorities - the answer isn't so straight forward.

Sex tip after pregnancy – be careful while having oral sex

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What It's Really Like to Have Sex After Having a Baby

You may also really not feel like having sex of any kind, at all, for quite a while. Both are normal reactions to becoming a parent, and there is no right or wrong way to feel about sex after giving birth. Your cervix has also dilated to more than ten times its non-pregnant size — and needs to gradually shrink back again.
Starting up sex again after the birth of a child can be a fraught issue for new parents. Now, a new study finds that much of what drives women's desire in the postpartum period are not physical factors, but psychological ones. In many cases, social factors such as spousal support and the baby's sleeping habits play a larger role in new moms' interest in sex than physical factors like birth trauma, the research found. Women also begin feeling desire and engaging in sex sooner than the six-week waiting period that most doctors recommend. The new baby period is a time of little sleep and healing from childbirth, two factors not conducive to a rambunctious sex life.