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God bless Soft Skull Press, which is always keen to push the envelope. The small New York publisher is probably most famous for re-releasing two controversial non-fiction books -- a bio on George W. Now, in the same year Janet Jackson causes an international kafuffle by having her breast revealed on national TV for a split-second, Soft Skull proudly reissues a five-year-old Canadian novel dealing in, well, child pornography, bestiality, bisexuality and voyeurism. Originally published by Doubleday Canada in , The Pornographer's Poem has a lot to do with porn and surprisingly little to do with poetry, unless you view poetry and "high art" as interchangeable, and see the main narrator's story as one long, cut-and-paste narrative.

The Pornographer's Poem by Michael Turner

The Pornographer's Poem by Michael Turner - PopMatters

By Michael Turner. Michael Turner has written an exquisite and startlingly obscene novel. Most obscene books owe this quality to the author's desire to titillate his or her readers. Turner's objective in The Pornographer's Poem is exactly the opposite. He tells us what it is like to have too much reality rush up at an utterly unprepared child. The power of the book lies in Turner's description of the total lack of effect a series of fully rendered grotesques have on the pornographer and his friends. Turner is a draftsman.

The Pornographer's Poem

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The Canadian Michael Turner has a knack for titles. Just as children's books with the word "chocolate" in the title sell unusually well, Turner's three novels seduce you with their promise of grown-up delights: alcohol, debauchery, sex. Hard Core Logo , his experimental novel about a punk band of the same name, is now a movie, a radio play and a comic book; American Whiskey Bar was picked up for television; and now The Pornographer's Poem has won him huge critical acclaim and an award in British Columbia.