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Erin had no idea what she was getting into when she agreed to attend an old friend's "Game Night". Then again, she couldn't really know as she wasn't given any details. Her suspicions became aroused when she couldn't get any information out of her friend. All she got was that she would have fun.

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A Friendly Game of Strip Poker - Group Sex -

It was just after seven and the late winter sky was darkening. It was nice to have more daylight by this time of year, if only it would warm up a little! I walked up to the door of the side split house and rang the doorbell. I heard footsteps and then the door opened revealing Jayne smiling. I smiled back at the lovely girl and entered the front hall. Jayne and I are both finishing 1st year at university, so we are 19, but because the drinking age is 21, you have to have a friend or older brother or sister if you want to get alcohol.

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We were staying over with a bunch of other people at our friend Gina's house. After several hours of drinking and partying and dancing, my girlfriend, a usually conservative but nevertheless trim and sexy girl, announced that we should play strip poker. The people left at the party who were not already passed out sat down to play. Low hand would be the loser and have to take off a piece of clothes. We payed several hands and everyone was losing their shoes and socks and finally my girlfriend lost her shirt and pulled it over her head to reveal her Victoria's Secret lovely lace brassiere holding up her nice set of nearly D cup breasts with ample cleavage on display.
My wife and I made plans with another couple to go away for the weekend and spend a night upstate. Anne and Dave were among our closest friends; my wife Marisa goes way back with Anne. We booked two rooms at a bed and breakfast just outside of New Paltz, a small town with a state college and a hippie vibe, with head shops and boutiques selling tie-dyed t-shirts. He didn't have any other single rooms, but offered to give us one large room with two queen-size beds, if we wouldn't mind all staying together in the same room. We all looked around at each other, murmuring and nodding, and Dave piped up and said, "Sure, no problem.