Kangoku gakuen episode 1

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Kamiya, Hiroshi Japanese. Konishi, Katsuyuki Japanese. Suzumura, Kenichi Japanese. Namikawa, Daisuke Japanese.

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The five male students of a formerly all-girls school must contend with the draconian Underground School Council and their own lascivious desires. Kiyoshi and his friends are intimidated as the only five boys at school among over girls. Kiyoshi and friends are being held in the school prison. The school head suggests they be let out for the weekend but not everyone agrees with him. Kiyoshi and Gakuto continue digging their way to freedom when they can, but a wrench is thrown into the works and Gakuto is filled with despair. In his dejected state he is prepared to leave school. The underground school council lulls Shingo into ratting on the others with food.

Prison School Episode 1監獄学園 Anime Review - Quality VS Censorship

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This page is a comprehensive episode guide for the Prison School anime , an adaptation of the titular manga by Akira Hiramoto. The production of the first season was announced with the publication of the fourteenth volume wrap of the manga. The first season premiered originally on Tokyo MX for twelve episodes from July 11 th , to September 26 th , ; with censorship, it adapted nine volumes of the original manga. The English voice overdub by Funimation was broadcast on the Funimation Channel from August 12 th , to October 28 th ,