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Arch Imps are to imps as lilim are to succubi - mutant offspring so powerful that they constitute a qualitatively different species altogether, with the lighter hair and tails that seem to denote magical strength among the succubus family. However, arch imps in many cases are oblivious to their own power, and unconsciously scatter bewitching charms like the alice. Any sorcerer foolhardy enough to try and contract an arch imp as his familiar is likely to see the pact reversed with her as the master - which makes dealing with them much like dealing with demons. The Arch Imp is a mutational variant of the imp that possesses vast amounts of demonic energy within her tiny body. Some imps will mutate into an arch imp if they store up a lot of demonic energy due to frequent sex, but then there are some who are born as arch imps due to having powerful sorcerers or heroes as fathers. Their appearance is exactly the same as an imp, but the coloring of their wings and tail is paler, and their hair is dyed white.

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Unlike the original timeline she can be encountered in Cave of Trials rather than the Monster Lord's castle. A novice Hero may have some trouble fighting her, but a seasoned warrior can defeat one with little issue. If she manages to make the man come, he will be left powerless. If that were to happen, even a powerful human would be subjected to a humiliating fate by this otherwise weak Imp.


She is very timid and shy but is not afraid to open herself up to a man. Incredibly weak, anyone can defeat her with just a tap. While traversing the Monster Lord's Castle, Luka encounters a large tremor and spots an Imp, and quickly deduces she is not the source of the tremor due to her small, weak stature.
A minor demon native to the demon realm. In recent times they have adopted the lifestyle of the succubi , feeding on the spirit energy of human men, due to the Demon Lord's influence. They are like children on both the outside and inside, but despite that, they are extremely lustful. Since they are so childish and simple, they are very direct with their emotions and desires and they aggressively assault human men in pursuit of pleasure.