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Seriously, scientists have discovered that the hottest months are also the hottest months! Ever feel like your vacations are more stress than fun? Well, summer is the perfect opportunity to change that. Americans are most interested in getting their groove on during the summer months, according to research of data from Google searches. Scientists tallied the most-searched keywords and found that every year, searches for finding dates, dating, prostitutes! And people aren't just Googling it, they're doing it.

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United States. Type keyword s to search. Today's Top Stories. Rising temps can put a serious crimp on your sex life—getting a little sweaty is hot; swimming in sweat is so not.

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Since temperatures are heating up and clothes are coming off, there's no better time than the present to make your sex life a little steamier. Hey, you're already sweating, right? We asked three experts for some unique and fun ways to make your sex life the hottest it's been since well Fact: Couples who play together have the best sex together, says Gloria Brame, Ph.
The high heat and humidity of summer combined with a lack of air conditioning can drain your energy and kill your sex life. But do not despair! Air conditioning has only been around since , but the human race has managed to keep proliferating. We asked some of our female friends to give us tips on how they keep cool when things start to get hot.