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Filthy tales, honest posts, erotic photos, dirty fantasies, and a lot of sex. We understand life is not just about love and sex, but love and sex make life A LOT more fun. We found a naughty blog for every mood. Follow along if you want to satisfy that sexy imagination of yours. Sex with Emily covers everything from sex dreams and period sex to dildos, vibrators, and talking dirty. Life is too short for bad sex, says.

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In a world where sex is still viewed as taboo by — especially when it comes to women — we could do with a little bit more sex positivity. Here are the five sex positive bloggers to follow in Empowering conversations about sex and health should include everyone, and these five bloggers are educating the internet about every aspect of sexuality, dismantling the taboos one by one. Pleasure was nowhere to be seen on the syllabus, and whatever was discussed was painfully heteronormative. So thank god for the internet.

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However, ranking the best sex blogs is a blunt tool, and there are some problems with the system. After a hell of a lot of chatting about this yesterday, I wanted to write down a few thoughts on blog lists and rankings. From the first time we get a good grade in school, through essay marks at Uni and performance reviews at work, being able to quantify your achievements is a satisfying thing. I also have a list in the living room of German Haribo sweets ranked from best to worst, with aggregate scores based on rigorous taste tests. Yesterday, I was chatting to a friend about the ranking system.
Facebook Twitter 0 Items. This is especially especially true if you have any triggers that could cause the hotness You only have a couple more days to get a signed, limited edition copy of Girl Sex to arrive in time for the big day. But, you can still find a sexy gift for that special someone, while supporting independent shop keepers A full house, required family face-time, and board games that seemingly last for.