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Trying to conceive TTC can be an all-consuming, frustrating and sometimes confusing journey. For many people, the tricky part of this whole process is that so much emphasis and pressure is placed on SEX. I cannot tell you how many of my patients have complained that scheduling sex robs the romance from their sex lives, and how a fun part of their relationships has become more like a chore. The when is the most important piece of the process that is under your control. Each month, about 14 days prior to your period, you ovulate one egg.

Your Fertility right time for sex

Right Time For Sex , When Do You Ovulate ? | Your Fertility

Forget books, special diets and particular times of the month. Couples who want a baby should put their energy into having the wild, uninhibited sex of their early days together. The better their quality of love-making, the greater their chances of conception, scientists say. What one fertility expert calls "gourmet sex" - where both partners take time to ensure the other has a satisfying experience - gives a couple the best chance of producing a baby.

Babymaking 101: Ways to Get Pregnant Faster

Many couples will sip secret herbs or tediously track their ovulation in order to conceive. But could it be that all it takes is the right angle? Give the following a try:. Consider spooning before intercourse. A little foreplay before the actual act could increase more than just pleasure.
Baby making isn't complicated if you and your partner have good fertility. The most important thing is to have sex when you're most fertile. This is typically mid-cycle, and around week two to three of your menstrual cycle in those with regular ovulation.