Blood sex nightmare

Duration: 15min 18sec Views: 592 Submitted: 20.06.2019
Category: Gay
Libidinous sexually frustrated jerk Nick convinces his frigid virginal girlfriend Amy to go with him to the remote woodland swingers resort The Pleasure Mountain Adult Retreat. However, the place proves to be the stalking grounds for murderous psycho rapist zombie Felix Gallo, who starts bumping folks off left and right. The full moon is shining brightly behind eerie, dark clouds. As electric guitar power chords reverberate through the night, we live vicariously through the lens of the camera as it focuses on scene after scene of horror. A pair of large, dirty hands sharpening a knife.

Blood and Sex Nightmare

Blood and Sex Nightmare - -

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Check out our editors' picks to get the lowdown on the movies and shows we're looking forward to, including the Netflix premiere of " Warrior Nun. Browse our picks. Title: Blood and Sex Nightmare Video After a night of partying, four friends are kidnapped by a mysterious man.
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