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The movie reminds us of a time in which it was all too easy for people to get lost. It tells the story of a year-old girl in , whose life goes off the rails, almost irretrievably, because of her family situation and because of her own reckless and immature choices. Aside from its period accuracy, the most refreshing thing about the film is its moral complexity, which will probably make it controversial. In her, we see the makings of a confident, assertive adult — or of someone who will end up outlined in chalk by Based on the graphic novel by Phoebe Gloeckner , the movie is at its best when it stays true to the time period, not only in terms of style but thinking.

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We dive into Hollywood's long shared history with Broadway, and provide you with Watchlist picks from the stage and screen. Watch the video. Title: The Diary of a Teenage Girl A person of high intelligence struggles to make sense of the world as it relates to morality, relationships, sex and leaving her apartment. In New York City, a young girl is caught in the middle of her parents' bitter custody battle.

The 50 Best Teen Movies Of All Time

Some of these films are targeted at adults as well as teenagers. Teen films have been a trope of the cinema industry that started with Twilight. Because of the boom in teen viewers, drive-in movie theaters were also very popular. Recently, online streaming services such as Netflix have created a resurgence in the "tween" and teenage-oriented film. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.
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